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11"X14" Fine textured art paper giclée print by Adeline Guay.

"Upper Millcreek Aspens", 2011


The lasals mountains are only a few minutes from town and I have spent many days recreating up there during the fall season.  The change of vegetation and temperature is one of the most dramatic and intense I have experienced in my travels.  During the fall, the aspen grove offers a beautiful spectacle of changing and contrasting color,  and calls visitors to lay down underneath them.  

Fine textured art paper prints are printed on 400gsm high quality Strathmore paper.  Custom size fine art paper giclée prints and giclée print on canvas of this oeuvre are available on demand.


*the original has SOLD.

11"X14" FINE ART PAPER PRINT "Upper Mill Creek Aspens"

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